The business is to provide consumers with a variety of colors and sizes of natural stone suitable for decoration based on style and quality.



To exceed the customer's expectation of quality and price.

Doğan Erdoğan's mission is to offer the highest quality products in a reliable, comp- letely reliable and professional manner. 

We are here to supply our customers with the best quality products at the most affordable price.

The aim of Hane Global Limited is to become the best and quality natural stone seller in the UK geography, initially after London.

Our company meets our quality requirements and compliance that we found in Turkey Ordu Ünye Ünye Stone Limited will buy natural stone products stone extrac- ted from the mine company. 

We will bring together the natural stones of perfect visu- ality, which will enter the United Black Sea, to our customers.

The product lines have been selected according to the following criteria:

Natural product

Various color

Decorative beautiful visual



A comprehensive size range is offered. 

Freedom of use inside and outside.

Please contact for your special projects

Best regards

Dogan Erdogan

HZYDD Vase decoration House Decor Home Gift Jingdezhen High White Thin Ceramic Hand Painted Bird Flower Vase,b,A vase (Color : B)

Brand: HZYDD


Price:    £899.87

Moroccan Chandelier Ceiling Light Shade,Corridor Living Room Oriental Traditional Art Ottoman Style Copper Lamp - As A Home Lighting Decoration for The Party,L

Brand: Pn&cc


Price:    £849.99

LINMAN Jewel Chess Set Hand-Made Glass Decorated with Gilding Glass Paint (Color : Gold-1PAIR)



Price:    £4,411.62

WNN-URG Foosball Table, Combination Foldable Game Table for Adult and Kids 4 in 1 Including Table Football/Billiards/Hockey/Table Tennis URG

Brand: WNN


Price:    £3,583.22

Kare Wall Decoration Wings Gold-White 

120x120cm, 8 x 120 x 120

Brand: KARE

Price:    £935.00