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Doğan Erdoğan was born in 1979 in Ordu. He graduated from university with a degree in Computerized Accounting, and has worked as a founding partner and executive in numerous companies in Turkey, where he currently owns partnerships.

As a business investor, Doğan Erdoğan is a shareholder in over 40 companies on the Istanbul Stock Exchange.

In addition, Doğan Erdoğan works as the founder of two companies and the manager of two companies in the United Kingdom.

In addition to these professional roles, Erdoğan also offers professional consulting and advisory services in the areas of Kebap Master, Banking, Financial Management, International Financial Credit, Mortgage Financing, Securities, Real Estate, Machinery, Industrial Equipment, Ship and Aircraft Sales.

Areas of Activity (Purpose and Subject)

İngilizce / English                              



 Dogan Air Organization ( TURK PATENT )


(35-01) Services related to advertising, marketing and

public relations, organization of commercial and

advertising exhibitions and fairs.

(35-02) Office services; secretarial services,

newspaper subscription services, compilation of statistics,

rental of office machines, systematization of information in computer databases,

telephone answering services.

(35-03) Advisory, accounting and financial consulting services, personnel recruitment, recruitment, personnel selection, staffing services, import-export agency services, provisional personnel appointment (billing on behalf of another person, , tax deposit, trafficking services).

(35-04) Auctioning and realization services.

(35-05) Machining of wood, metal, glass and plastic materials and mines, machines for shaping them, machine tools, and industrial robots, three-dimensional printers for this purpose.

Work machines: dozers, buckets, excavators, road construction and coating machines, drilling machines, rock drilling machines, sweeping machines and robotics with the same function. Lifting, transporting and forwarding machines: elevators, escalators, cranes, robotics with the same function.

Machines and robotic mechanisms used in agriculture, animal husbandry, agriculture, and grain / fruit / vegetable / food processing. Engines, electric motors, parts and assemblies thereof, except for land vehicles: hydraulic, pneumatic controls, brakes, bitumen, crankshafts, gears, cylinders, pistons, turbines, filters except for land vehicles; parts used in land vehicles and used in this class: oil, fuel and air filters for vehicles, exhausts, exhaust manifolds, cylinders, cylinder heads, pistons, carburettors, fuel conversion devices, injectors, fuel economy devices, pumps, valves, starters, dynamos , bujiler Bearings, ball bearings or blanks. Tire demounting and attaching machines. Alternators, generators, electric generators, solar energy generators. Paint machines, automatic paint sprayers, electric, hydraulic and pneumatic punching machines and guns, electric glue guns, guns for compressed air or liquid spraying machines, electric hand drills, motorized hand saws, jigsaw machines, spiral machines, compressed air producers, compressors , car washing machines and robots with the same functions as the machines and tools listed above. Electric and gas welding machines, electric arc welding machines, electric soldering machines, electric arc cutting machines, electric welding machine electrodes and robots with the same functions. Printing machines. Robots and robotic mechanisms (including electrical plastic sealing / sealing devices [packaging]) with packaging machines, filling-tapping and closing machines, labeling machines, sorting machines and robots with the same functions as those listed above. Textile machines, sewing machines and industrial robots with the same functions. Pumps without mechanical or motor parts (including fuel filling and distribution pumps and their pistols). Electrical appliances used in the kitchen for chopping, grinding, crushing, whipping and crumbling; washing machines (including washing / dishwashing machines, non-heated centrifugal clothes drying machines); electric machines for cleaning floors, carpets or upholstery, electric vacuum cleaners and parts thereof. Automatic vending machines. Galvanizing and electroplating machines. Electrical switching mechanisms. Roller seals for machines and engines. Transmission belts and chains, gears, brakes, brake discs and bolts, chassis, hoods, suspensions, shock absorbers, gearboxes, steering wheels, wheels for motor vehicles (including motorcycles, scooters) and motors, concepts and transmission links for these vehicles. Bikes and their bodies, handlebars, fenders. Truck casters, dump trucks, tractor trailers, refrigerated trailers, trailer links. Vehicle seats, head restraints for seats, safety child seats, seat covers, vehicle covers (vehicle shaped), sun visors. Wands for signal and direction signals, wipers for vehicle windows, wiper arms. Internal and external tires for vehicles, tubles tires, tire repair kits, treads for vehicle tires, welding patches, valve tires for vehicle tires. Vehicle windows, safe vehicle windows, rear view mirrors and side mirrors for vehicles. Skating chains. Carriages for portbags, bicycles and ski carriers, seleler. Tire inflation pumps. Burglar alarms for vehicles, horns. Safety belts for passengers, air pillows. Baby carriages, wheelchairs, prams. Hand carts, market carts, single or multi-wheel carts, market carts, wheel carts for household goods. Rail vehicles: locomotives, trains, trams, cars, cable cars, ski lifts. Marine vehicles and parts thereof (excluding engines). Aircraft and parts thereof (excluding engines). services for the assembly of goods; (the specified services may be provided through retail, wholesale stores, electronic media, catalogs and other methods).

(36-01) Insurance services.

(36-02) Financial and monetary services.

(36-03) Real estate commission, consultancy and administrative services.

(36-04) Customs brokerage services.

(38-01) Radio and television broadcasting services.

(38-02) Communication services (including internet service provision).

(38-03) News agency services.

(39-01) Land, sea and air transport services and land, sea and air car hire services, tour arrangements, travel arrangements, travel related ticketing, courier services.

(39-02) Car park services, garage rental services.

(39-03) Boat hosting services.

(39-04) Pipeline transportation services.

(39-05) Electricity distribution services.

(39-06) Water supply services.

(39-07) Rescue services of vehicles and goods.

(39-08) Storage, packing and boxing services of goods.

(39-09) Warehousing and transport services, waste collection and relocation services.




1 - Property related real estate, real estate and especially touristic facilities such as sites, plazas, markets, warehouses, cold storage warehouses, villas, holiday villages, period property, apart hotel, motel, camping, organized industrial zones, sports complexes, residence, house to buy, sell, buy, rent, lease real estates such as apartments, workplaces, land, land`; extracting the parcel and reconstruction conditions on the garden, fields, and arcs, if necessary, projecting. To establish easement, usufruct, goodwill, floor ownership, rights and fidelity rights on real estates, real estate liability.

2-Operate and organize entertainment and show center, exhibition and fairground area, congress center, artistic performance center complex, renting, renting organization and consulting related to the subject. Art and entertainment shows and concerts both in Turkey and abroad organize, exhibit, organize or perform arts and entertainment activities such as musical plays, theater plays, folklore shows, ballet games, entertainment and contest programs and so on. to produce and distribute music productions produced by sound artists and to provide services related to public relations. To make and educate the artists of the current and foreign model, film, theater, sound and dance. Organizing and organizing domestic and international accommodation, travel and guidance services of the current and foreign tourists.

3-Trade of the motor vehicle related to the subject, to rent or to give to the import and export. The company is engaged in the automotive industry bus, minibus, midibus, truck, vans, tractors, taxis, motorbikes, bikes, trailers and similar motorized and non- to carry out the import, export, wholesale and retail trade of goods, air, marine vehicles, graders, cylinders, etc. heavy duty and industrial machines for loading and unloading machines in and out of the country, acting as agents, dealers and representatives. importing and exporting tires and wheels. Opening, operating or operating auto galleries to take dealership, representation and service of internal and external tire factories spare parts belonging to land, air and sea vehicles established in the country and abroad.

4-The company takes the land transportation vehicles and sells them exclusively for the transportation business. It carries out all kinds of transportation works both at home and abroad, takes the vehicles and transports them, opens the transportation warehouses, operates them, transfers them to the rents, car minibus buses van trucks etc. to buy and sell all of the transportation vehicles to operate these vehicles to transfer to the rental.

5-All kinds of construction materials purchase and sale of sanitary ware materials import and export hardware materials paint and paint materials stone sand lime bricks tiles and their own quarries to rent and operate factories to set up operations to rent to make the transfer to do all kinds of construction work dealing with the land to take their own god or to build a building against someone else's building to deal with excavation works official and private construction and contracts to enter into contracts to build buildings of rest buildings to buy them to sell to rent.

6-To clean the inside and outside environment of streets, street cleaning and garbage collection services of all private and public institutions, municipalities, public housing and sites, industrial and agricultural factories, plazas and business centers in the country and abroad, waste disposal and treatment to install all kinds of cleaning materials and materials and cleaning machines. to sell all kinds of houses, business inns, buildings, business centers, hotels, public housing, public and private hospitals, all kinds of open areas, pests, reptiles and rodents to control, and to make medicine. To buy, sell, import and export of machines and equipments used in spraying


Registration Number : BASKENT VD 4570529297


Registration Number : 12778466

( UK ) United Kingdom ,England , London

Nature of business (SIC)

46140 - Agents involved in the sale of machinery, industrial equipment, ships and aircraft


Registration Number : 13662375

( UK )United Kingdom , England , London

Nature of business (SIC)

70221 - Financial management


LEI Register Certificate


UK Reg No :13662375


LEI: 984500BN8D6FFBVD8220

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